100% Hungarian-owned family business

Our company is a 100% Hungarian-owned family business, which is engaged in constructing light-frame houses.

Környezetbarát SIP-modulokból építkezünk

In the light of the stricter and stricter building energy requirements in Hungary, we have decided to build our houses from fully environmentally friendly SIP modules, which have excellent structural and thermal insulation characteristics. It is a brand new and innovative technology in Hungary.

Customer-centred thinking

Customer-centred thinking, commitment to quality, and reliability are our basic values. We have we experienced a lot of contactor’s deficiencies and neglect in the construction industry ourselves. We are not working with “so called” professionals, but with a team of qualified builders, properly trained on manufacturers’ trainings, who are working hard to build the home of your dreams.



– You can choose from our sample houses, or you can come with a finished design, because the SIP technology allows us to build any house to suit your individual needs and ideas

– Our houses are given a unique style, whether it is a brought design or a choice made from our sample houses

– Needs assessment without obligations

– Our turnkey houses include the construction of a fence, as well as landscaping and yard construction

– We are among the first companies of Hungary that has European Technical Approval (ETA) for the SIP technology

– We have 20 years of European manufacturing background

– Our colleagues are professionals who have participated in manufacturers’ trainings for constructionk

– We support our clients in decision-making from the beginning of the project, and help them with the paperwork

– Through mutual trust with our clients, we provide them with full transparency

– We give guarantee for our work


Anyone, who:

Thinks about the future of his family and children

Who dreamed a precious, safe and family friendly home

Loyal to a brand

Is loyal to a brand and the associated discounts and quality.

Does not want to pay high invoices

Does not want to pay high invoices for the heating, and does not want to be vulnerable to monopolistic energy providers..

Environmentally friendly

Would like to have environmentally friendly, healthy, comfortable, modern, value-increasing real estate, which proves to be a good investment, and the value of which increases along with the rise in the energy prices.

In Hungary, more and more people choose light-frame houses, and more and more people decide to build a house with this technology. Our company introduces a completely new light-frame technology in Hungary. Since there are many contactor’s deficiencies and neglect in the construction industry, why should you believe that the customer really receives excellent quality at a very favourable price?

  • Reliability
  • Several years of building experience
  • Qualified team participated in manufacturers’ training
  • Customer-centred thinking
  • Commitment to quality
  • Support our clients with personal consultation

“We design with precision, work well and count fairly. This is reliability in all respects, and I guarantee it with my name”