Privacy Policy

The operator hereby informs visitors of the website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) about their practices in the handling of personal data, the measures taken to protect the data, the rights of the visitors and the possibilities for enforcing them.

The data operator ADAM-HOUSE Innovative Építőipari és Ingatlanfejlesztési Kft. (hereinafter referred to as Operator) (headquarters: 3021 Lőrinci, Jókai utca 43.)

The Operator respects the User’s personal rights, the recorded personal data is handled confidentially, in accordance with data protection laws and international recommendations, in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy contains the basic information regarding the handling, processing and registration of any personal information that may be provided by the User on the Operator’s Website.

1. The purpose of data management

The purpose of data management is to identify Users using the Services of the Website, to provide links between the users and the Operator.

2. Data request

To use the Website, the User does not need to provide any information, but you may need to provide your Personal Information to the Operator by using the services of the Website.

The following personal information may be required by the Operator:
E-mail address

The user may additionally provide additional information if it is necessary to perform the service provided by the Operator.

The website may place cookies on your user browsing device if you explicitly approve it when you first visit the Website.

3. Data we collect

During the viewing of the Website, the use of cookies placed on the User’s device will automatically record the start and end of the user’s visit, IP address, and in some cases depending on the user’s computer configuration, browser, the operating system type, User Tool’s parameters, the user’s settings on the Website, the sub-pages visited and the time spent there. The Operator does not associate or combine these data with your personal data.

The above information will be used by the Operator solely for the technical operation of the Website and for statistical purposes.

4. Data access, data transmission, data processing

Only the Operator’s employees are entitled to know the personal data provided by the Users.

Personal data will not be published and transferred to third parties. In addition, personal data related to the User may be transmitted only with a legally binding and/or user’s consent. Before performing each of the official requests, the Operator will examine for each data whether the legal basis for the transfer is indeed true.

5. Data security

The Operator takes all necessary steps to ensure the security of the personal data provided by the Users during network communication as well as during storage of the data.

The access to Personal Data is strictly limited in order to avoid unauthorized recognition, unauthorized modification, or unauthorized use of personal data.

6. User rights and legislative opportunities

The User may have the right to request information about the personal data handled by the Operator at any time.

In case of User’s request, the Operator informs the User about the data handled, the purpose, legal basis, duration of the data, the name, address, and data management of the Operator and for whom and for what purpose the data was transmitted.

You can exercise your rights in the following contact details:
Mailing address: ADAM-HOUSE Innovative Innovatív Építőipíri és Ingatlanfejlesztési Kft.
Hungary, 3021 Lőrinci, Jókai street 43.
Email address:

The User can also initiate the correction and deletion of the personal information at the above contact details. In case of inappropriate use of the Website services and according to the User’s own request, the relevant data will be deleted. The cancellation will take place within 24 hours of the next working day from the beginning of the cancellation request. The deletion does not apply to data processing required by law, which is retained by the Operator for the required period of time.

A User who feels that the Operator has violated the right to protect personal data may enforce his / her claim at a civil court.

7. Changes to this privacy policy

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. You are responsible for regularly reviewing this Policy. Your continued use of our website after the effective date constitutes your acceptance of such changes.

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