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The technology does not require any special foundation.

With the ground screw foundations, the construction of the building can be started immediately, without waiting time. It is suitable for any type of soil, under any weather conditions. It is ready within 1 day and the house can be built.

The 17 cm thick SIP panels we use for the buildings have 10 cm EPS thermal insulation, so the walls have a U-value of 0.15 W / m²K, which is the limit for passive houses.

The outer OSB covers of the panels are bonded with refractory glue. Such a unique structure is more resistant to fire than other conventional wood materials. The EPS 80 boards belong to category E. The polystyrene insulated products burn only when exposed to direct open flames, however, after the combustion heat is removed, they behave in a self-extinguishing manner.

Any type of building can be constructed from the SIP modules. Buildings with traditional roofs and modern buildings in minimalist style can also be built. The lightweight SIP modules, which have extraordinary structural properties, are also ideal for building extensions, loft conversions and for building extra stories.

A turnkey house with a normal layout and a floor space of 100 m2 can be built within 90 days.

Thanks to EGGER TOP4 OSB, the SIP panels have water repellent properties and its adhesives are resistant to cold until -10 ° C, so the house can be built at any time regardless of the weather and the season.

In wet rooms, watertight plasterboards, flexible tile adhesive, and tiles, and the in non-wet rooms, normal plasterboards are recommended.

It can be plastered with outdoor EPS flexible heat-insulating tile adhesive (with lattice mesh). Fine plaster can be applied traditionally; stone or brick surfaces can be made with surface fixing structures. Normally, thin plaster (“dryvit”) is the external surface finish.

The most optimal heating system in our houses is solar infrared heating, which we guaranteed to be free of charge; however, any other heating technology can be installed into the house.

In our excellently insulated buildings, continuous air exchange must be provided. This task is carried out by an automatic ventilation system. The equipment we install is able to change the used air in the house to fresh air within 1 hour without cooling the heated home. Our equipment has a winter and summer mode.

Today, the use of the SIP construction technology does not mean any additional costs for the owners in Hungary.

We give a 20-year guarantee for the structure built by us. Regarding the built-in materials, the manufacturer’s warranty is valid, for built-in work we give a 5-year guarantee.

Small-weight objects can be fixed with plasterboard dowels, the larger ones (e.g. kitchen furniture) can be fixed with plasterboard dowels and with wood screws to the SIP panel.

Yes, the SIP panel technology is especially suitable for building passive houses. The design and construction of the passive houses are partially different from the traditional buildings, so please contact our colleagues if you have any questions on this subject.

The rigid EPS insulation material and the coatings used in the production of the SIPs are resistant to mold and microbial growth attacks, and therefore they do not mean any nutrient for the pests. The SIP modules cannot be damaged by rodents and insects.

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