As a general contractor, save money, time, and energy by constructing SIP houses!

As a general contractor, save money, time, and energy by constructing SIP houses!

The key to success lies in the quality raw materials and in the professional workmanship.

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We provide complete building consultation and training

both during the design and the construction phases

SIP technology is a relatively new and modern construction method. There are very few companies in Hungary with the necessary expertise, because there are only a few decades of know-how behind this technology.

We provide complete building consultation and training to our colleagues working on the construction so that they can easily master all the details of the SIP construction system, and give complete technical support to our partners.

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We deliver a custom-made and complete SIP panel building system to the construction site

50% faster construction

Moreover, we also provide a clear and detailed construction manual, which greatly simplifies the house building process. SIP houses can be built quickly because a significant part of the work processes involves assembly.

Thanks to modern technology, the assembly of the ready-made SIP panels allows really easy and quick work. Unlike traditional or lightweight construction methods, a team of 3 to 4 people is enough to build a SIP house, and much less investment in equipment is required. A team of 3 to 4 people can build a 100 m2 prefabricated SIP house in 3 to 5 days.

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Subcontracting works

partnership with full background support

Of course, subcontracting is also possible, where ADAM-House provides the construction work, and sales to own clientele is also possible, where ADAM-HOUSE provides full background support (technical supporting materials, samples, models in the office, etc.) to the sales colleagues.


beyond the ÉMI (Construction Quality Control Innovation Nonprofit Ltd.) permit

Thanks to the modern, state-of-the-art technologies and innovations in the construction industry, the standard of the service life of the houses is often determined by the quality of the general contractor’s work, as well as the quality of the used materials. The brand name ADAM-HOUSE guarantees that your company and your customers will get the best SIP system in terms of value for money and quality. In addition, we also give a 30-year manufacturer’s guarantee on our products.

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Simplify the process of house building,
be the first to offer modern solutions!


We work from our warehouse stock, so there is no shortage of raw materials as experienced in other sectors. We work with an order of layers where many work processes become unnecessary, thus saving money and time without compromising the building’s technical features. We provide free needs assessment, guidance, consultation and offers, as well as discounts for our contracted partners.

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